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IIP-Amazon Institute of People and the Environment (Imazon)
Bel�©m, Brazil (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms:
Program Terms: Summer
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This program is currently not accepting applications.
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Fact Sheet:
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Dept Offering Program: International Internship Program (IIP) Program Type: Internship
Time Away: Summer Housing options: Student Responsibilty with support from IIP and/or Host Organization
Program Group: International Internship Program Duration of Program: 8 or more weeks
Program Adviser: Shahreen Rahman
Program Description:
Program Description:
Amazon Institute of People and the Environment

Organization Overview
During 1980s in the Amazon region, the scarcity of applied and reliable research on landscape transformation weakened the speech that aimed to raise awareness for important issues, such as the identification of the environmental degradation causes and the development of new alternatives to achieve sustainability.
After identifying this issue, the American researcher Chistopher Uhl, obtained funding to create a Civil Society Organization, bringing together newly trained professionals with good energy and leadership skills, Beto Veríssimo and Paulo Barreto. Thus, Imazon was founded in 1990, under the following guidelines: i) work close to the problems and with emphasis on the empirical and multidisciplinary approach; ii) use the scientific method as a basis for understanding the issues; iii) focus on critical and complex issues; iv) act with persistence until problems are solved; v) anticipate trends; vi) offer solutions that are feasible in the socioeconomic and cultural context of the Amazon; vii) recognize that there are many Amazonian and many legitimate interests; and act in an integrated or coordinated manner with other organizations.
Imazon’s mission is to promote the sustainable development in the Brazilian Amazon with the development of new studies, the support to public policies formulation, technological innovations and strategic results dissemination.
In the last 12 years, Imazon has been the key organization supporting the conservation of mosaic of protected areas in “Calha Norte” region, in the state of Para, Brazil. In 2006, the Institute was responsible to support to the creation of about 33 million acres of Conservation Units – the largest initiative to protected tropical forests in history. Imazon’s role includes carry out conservation and biodiversity studies, assist the public consultations process, support Advisory Councils, developed the management plan for the Protected Areas, support the environmental education programs, use satellite images to monitor deforestation and forest degradation among other activities.

The Imazon activities that the IIP intern will assist during the internship program, are:
  • Economic Development: Develop and implement a strategy for economic development of the region’s in key areas such as sustainable agriculture, forest management, ecotourism, non-timber forest products, sports fishing etc.
  • Conservation: support activities to reduce deforestation, forest degradation and increase the capacity of local government to carry out programs with urban forests, environmental licensing and environment education.  

Protected Areas of Juruti, Pará, Brazilian Amazon
Location: Municipality of Juruti, Pára State, Brazil
Overall goal is to protect around 12,155 acres of forest, through the creation of Jará Protected Areas and the development of its Management Plan in Juruti, Para (Brazil). Imazon is conducting the technical study and the consultation process required for the establishment of the Jará Protected Areas. Subsequently, it will elaborate the Management Plan for the protected areas and will establish its Consultation Council, as required by the Brazilian Enviromental law. Later, based on the management plan, Imazon will propose the infrastructure plan, including architectural proposal for the visitation center and administrative building and the layout for ecotourism trails, bike paths, etc. Finally, we will elaborate and execute the environmental education and communication programs, as well as a Governance Structure Proposal for the Jará Protected Area.
The IIP intern will support the area’s socioeconomic, biological and environmental surveys. The intern may also support activities regarding the public consultations and the communication and environmental education strategies.

Sustainable Landscape Program (PTS) 
Location: Municipalities of Oriximina, Faro and Terra Santa, Para, Brazil
Sustainable Landscape Program is a long-term program (15 years) that aims to create a model of integrated sustainable development (social, economics, environment and cultural) in the northern region of Pará State where are located the largest protected areas in the World. This initiative promotes the inclusion and sustainability, by strengthening local public institutions, creating sustainable economic activities, promoting social participation as well the preservation of traditional cultures and the environmental conservation. It was created in 2015 through a partnership between North River Mining (MRN) company (MRN) with three major NGOS: Imazon (, Ecam ( and Agenda Pública ( ) in collaboration with local governments and social organizations. The Program operates in the municipalities of Oriximina, Faro and Terra Santa.
  • Basic knowledge about conservation and environmental education/humanities.
  • Good interpersonal skills and empathy.
  • Eager to learn and share new experiences.
  • Good written and oral communication skills.
  • Statistics (intermediary level)
  • Portuguese (at least intermediary level)
  • Intern(s) may be requested to travel to Belém/ Santarém/ and other municipalities in Calha Norte, Pará State, Brazil. 

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Dates / Deadlines:
This program is not currently accepting applications. Please consult the sponsoring department's website for application open dates.
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This program is currently not accepting applications.