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Staff : Listing

Following is a listing of staff members. Click the staff member's name to view office hours and contact details.
This table shows a listing of staff members.
Name Email Phone
Study Abroad Program (OIP) unavailable
Rebecca J. Aguas raguas@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Emily Ahmetaj unavailable
Sonja Marie Andersen unavailable
Haley Anderson unavailable
Nicole Bergman unavailable
Kimberly Bitterman unavailable
Dianna L. Blaha diannaf@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Nancy C. Blaustein unavailable
Joel Andrew Boggess unavailable
Margo Lynn Bresnen unavailable
Catherine M. Brosowsky cbrosows@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Brian T. Burgher unavailable
Joanna Marie Burkitt unavailable
Janine Marie Calogero unavailable
Cara A. Carpenito cc15@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Richard J. Chafey unavailable
Halima Chahboune unavailable
Leslie A. Champouillon lsavadge@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Ho Jung Choi hochoi@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Rajeshri D. Chokshi unavailable
Edwin Cothran Clayton unavailable
Anna Colasante unavailable
Carrie Collins unavailable
Gilbert D. Collins unavailable
Patrizia B. D'Adamo unavailable
Regin Davis unavailable
Nathalie P. de Leon npdeleon@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Kimberly Amber de los Santos kdls@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Mariella Diaz Diaz unavailable
Melissa Anne DiMeglio unavailable
Kara J. Dolinski dolinski@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Amanda El-Kadi unavailable
Brandon R. Ermita brandon@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Sam Evans unavailable
SAP Exchange unavailable
Sammi Falvey unavailable
Jonathan Ryan Finnerty unavailable
Matthew Joseph Frawley mfrawley@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Cass Garner cass@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Julia Georgiana jgeorgiana@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Gisella Gisolo unavailable
Gabrielle V Glickstein unavailable
Luis Gonçalves lgoncalv@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Khristina Faith Gonzalez unavailable
Vanessa Gonzalez-Perez unavailable
Rebecca Graves-Bayazitoglu rgraves@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Shannon Greco unavailable
John S. Green jgreen@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Juliana Griffin unavailable
Steven Edward Gump unavailable
Katharine Burks Hackett khackett@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Tess Hansen unavailable
Jessica L. Heslin heslin@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Rosemarie C. Holton rholton@Princeton.EDU unavailable
David Anthony Jarvis unavailable
Christy M. Kahler christyk@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Sandra Marie Kaiser unavailable
Maureen M. Killeen mkilleen@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Jacqueline Joan Knowlton unavailable
Karen D. Koller kkoller@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Sandra Lam sclam@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Stephanie J. Landers slanders@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Caitlin Larracey unavailable
Princeton in Latin America unavailable
Matthew S. Lazen mlazen@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Nicole D. Legnani unavailable
Beth E. Leman unavailable
Charles Alfred Leonardi unavailable
Stephanie Leroy unavailable
Stephanie R Lewandowski steph@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Olga Liamkina unavailable
Patricia A. Lieb plieb@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Chao-Hui Jenny Liu chaoliu@Princeton.EDU unavailable
John Albert Luria jluria@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Nivedita Mallina unavailable
Caitlyn Mannino unavailable
Hans Marcelino unavailable
Lane Marsh bsmarsh@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Dominique Mason unavailable
Brittany Masterson unavailable
Jiyeon McHugh unavailable
Michelle A. McLean unavailable
Maria A. Medvedeva unavailable
Alexandra M. Michaud acalcado@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Renita Lee Miller unavailable
Goeun Minshall unavailable
Sarah Elena Mullins unavailable
Christine Fecenko Murphy unavailable
Jason Murray unavailable
Greg Myers unavailable
Sonia M. Natalias unavailable
Johanne Leiyah Nicolas unavailable
Janine Kelley Nunes nunes@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Leigh Erik Nystrom nystrom@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Adam Oberlin unavailable
Afia Ofori-Mensa unavailable
Zuly Ortiz Winkler unavailable
Lydia L. Owens unavailable
Julia Lillian Panter unavailable
Andrew P. Perhac unavailable
Pascale F. Poussart poussart@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Sandra Presby-Schreyer unavailable
Ashley Vinson Prince unavailable
Japan, Princeton in Ishikawa unavailable
Sebastian Quiroz unavailable
Shahreen Rahman unavailable
Eileen Garry Robinson unavailable
Svitlana K Rogers unavailable
Elizabeth Rolon unavailable
Fiona Romaine unavailable
Phillip Rush unavailable
Manda Ryan unavailable
Cassandra Salina unavailable
Joe Sample unavailable
Caressa Mary Sanford unavailable
Laura Schiff unavailable
evan Schneider unavailable
Angela Sen unavailable
Emily C. Sharples unavailable
Maria Siddiqui unavailable
Edward Michael Sikorski sikorski@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Mark Simeon unavailable
Vishi Singh unavailable
Jennifer L Smith unavailable
Sophie Stokman unavailable
Brigid A. Sudnick bsudnick@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Yolanda A. Sullivan syolanda@Princeton.EDU unavailable
SURP SURP unavailable
Global Programs System unavailable
Mae-Yung Tang unavailable
Randee Ilise Tengi rit@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Meaghan E Tohill unavailable
Michelle Tong unavailable
Rayna Michelle Truelove unavailable
Jackie Tsang unavailable
Susan Killian VanderKam skillian@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Kathleen L. Varra kvarra@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Jenny Wagner unavailable
Johanna Rossi Wagner unavailable
Timothy P. Waldron twaldron@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Susan Waskow unavailable
Megumi Watanabe unavailable
David Watchel unavailable
Junhow Wei unavailable
Susan Winters unavailable
Tamsen Olivia Wolff twolff@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Gabby Xu unavailable
Mo Lin Yee myee@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Julie Jooheon Yun unavailable
Panina Zaurov pzaurov@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Beth T. Zawodniak bzawodni@Princeton.EDU unavailable
Henry Zhao unavailable
Jordan R Zilla unavailable