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IIP-Zaytawun Monastic School
Zaytawun, Myanmar (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms:
Program Terms: Summer
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This program is currently not accepting applications.
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Fact Sheet:
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Dept Offering Program: International Internship Program (IIP) Program Type: Internship
Language Prerequisite: No Degree Level: 1st year u/g students, 2nd year u/g students, 3rd year u/g students
Time Away: Summer Housing options: Student Responsibilty with support from IIP and/or Host Organization
Program Group: International Internship Program
Program Description:
Program Description:
Zaytawun Monastic School
The name of our organization is Zaytawun Monastic School, our mission is to educate children who have no opportunities. It was founded in 2006 by The Buddhist monk, Baddanta Ar Deik Sa. At the time of foundation there were 46 students and three teachers. The school is growing and today we have 365 students and 14 teachers, including the head monk, who is teaching moral education to the students. We provide not only curriculum education but also a strong ethical and moral foundation for all students attending the school. School starts at 08:00 in the morning, all students have to gather first at praying hall, pray together and the head monk gives them talks relating to Buddhism and moral education including a few minutes of meditation. Then 08:30 the classes start. Each period takes 45 minutes. There are 3 periods in the morning till 10:45. Then lunch break. Most students go back home, some stay behind who bring lunch boxes. At 12:15, the school starts again, 4 periods in the afternoon with 15 minutes of recess after two periods. At 15:30, the school is over. We introduce some modern teaching techniques, but as part of the curriculum organize by government we have to finish it on time, so students memorizing is still important.
Interns qualifications
Interns interested in teaching English to both to the students and locals teachers.
Interns can teach Mathematics, PE, visual arts in addition to English language.
Work responsibilities
Interns will teach English, Mathematics, PE, Drawing. Two interns could work together in one class.
English: Textbook (provided by the school, government curriculum); Children Rhymes
Mathematics: School provide text books; Puzzles, riddles (interns can bring simple ones for grade 5,6,7); PE: Interns can share what he/she knows in advance, sports, games; Drawing and visual arts: Interns can teach the students how to draw basic drawing. 
Zaytawun students have to learn Myanmar (Burmese), mother language, English, Math, History, Geography, Basic Science, Life Skills. PE is also in the list, there is no teacher at Zaytawun who teach though, so teaching any sport and bring donated equipment would be very appreciated. Drawing, painting, or something else which could improve students' creativities, working together in harmony, critical thinking are much appreciated by our school. 
During one of the 45 minutes periods, interns could help students' understanding of the story from English text. Intern could also initiate his/her story to improve students' skills at reading, writing, speaking and listening.

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Dates / Deadlines:
This program is not currently accepting applications. Please consult the sponsoring department's website for application open dates.
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This program is currently not accepting applications.