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CentraleSupelec, Engineering Exchange
Paris, France (Exchange Program) (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms:
Program Terms: Academic Year,
Fall Semester,
Spring Semester
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Restrictions: Princeton applicants only
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Dept Offering Program: Study Abroad OIP Program Type: Study Abroad (semester)
Language of Instruction: English, French Language Prerequisite: Yes
Program Features: Academic Study Degree Level: 3 - Sophomore, 4 - Junior, 5 - Senior
Time Away: Academic Year, Fall Semester, Spring Semester Housing options: Dormitory
Program Group: Study Abroad OIP Program Adviser: Jordan Zilla
Program Description:
Program Description:


CentraleSupélec, Exchange in Engineering

Please be reminded that you need to be nominated to the program by your study abroad advisor, in addition to completing two applications:
  • Nomination deadline: October 15, 2018
  • Princeton application deadline: October 26, 2018
  • CentraleSupelec application deadline: November 15, 2018
Princeton University and the CentraleSupélec established an agreement in 2009 to exchange students for one semester of study. The program is intended for students in a variety of engineering departments and is supported by the faculty in the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.
CentraleSupélec programs offer a unique way to experience a multidisciplinary approach to the engineering sciences, with an emphasis on mathematics and theoretical concepts that is at the root of the French technological culture and, more globally, of a large part of Europe. CentraleSupélec has connections with an array of world-class companies, and students benefit from the presence of many professors working concurrently in industry.

The University

Founded in 1829 as École Centrale des Arts et Manufactures, CentraleSupélec is one of the oldest and most prestigious engineering schools in France and one of France’s Grandes écoles. Many distinguished engineers and industry leaders have graduated from ECP, including Eiffel, Michelin, Peugeot, and Schlumberger.

CentraleSupélec recruits French students after two years of university-level study in mathematics and physics through a highly selective national entrance competition. Twenty-five percent of CentraleSupélec's students come from outside France, and half pursue double degrees from ECP and their home institution. Thus, studying at CentraleSupélec provides Princeton engineers with the opportunity to make connections with the global technical community and the leaders of tomorrow.

The Setting

CentraleSupélec is located in the southern suburbs of Paris (30 minutes by public transportation to the center of Paris). The small and friendly student body (1,800 students) makes it easy for Princeton students to become integrated in daily campus life.


This exchange may be of particular interest to students in the Energy Program since offerings in Nuclear Engineering are available and a summer internship at an energy-related company can be arranged.


Students must have completed MAE 305/EGR 305/MAT 301 (Mathematics in Engineering I) or an equivalent differential equations course to enroll in the program. Individual programs of study are designed in consultation with the student’s departmental representative and Dean Bogucki to meet departmental requirements, within the limits of the CentraleSupélec course offerings in any given term.

The minimum course load is four 36-hour modules, a semester-long project, a semester of French language for foreigners plus a social science module. Knowledge of French at the 107 level at the minimum is required (207 preferred) . Click here for course catalogs.

For students who need intensive French language preparation, CentraleSupélec recommends a four-week summer language program in Vichy (CAVILAM) prior to the start of the semester. Students on financial aid may apply to the Dean’s Fund for financial support for this summer language study. Approximately 40% of the courses at CentraleSupélec are offered in English.

CentraleSupélec offers courses in chemical engineering, computer science, energy science, industrial engineering, mathematics, mechanical and civil engineering, physics, and a limited number in humanities and social sciences. ECP has particular strengths in energy (including nuclear engineering), nanotechnology, biotechnology, quantum physics, applied math, and product design.


For Princeton approval, participants must have at least a 3.0/ B average for the fall and spring semesters prior to the semester of study abroad.

Grading & Credits:

For information regarding credits, grading, and other academic policies, read the Academic Policies on the Study Abroad website.

Academic Calendar 



Students are guaranteed a space in the on-campus dormitories. Most rooms are singles. Students may take their meals at student restaurants on campus, which offer very reasonable rates (approx. 3.00 Euros for two meals).

Student Life

Princeton students participating in the exchange are treated as full members of ECP and have the same access as do other degree-seeking students to the facilities of the host institution, including the gym and tennis courts.Students have access to all that Paris offers, including almost unlimited sports, clubs, and activities through Paris Jeunes.

Money Matters

Students who receive financial aid at Princeton continue to receive Princeton financial aid for the approved costs of study abroad programs during the academic year. For detailed information about financial aid, program fees, and billing for study abroad, please visit the Money Matters section of the Study Abroad website.
For estimated program costs, please click on the Budget Sheet at the top of this brochure.

Passport and Visa

Students are responsible for ensuring that their passports are valid for their entire stay in France. For further information on renewing or obtaining a U.S. passport, please consult the U.S. State Department passport website.

All students wishing to pursue studies in France for more than 90 days must first register with Campus France to obtain a student visa. Click here to access the Long Stay Visa Application.

You must obtain your student visa at the appropriate consulate while you are in the U.S. The visa cannot be issued once you are in France. You are required to obtain an appointment on-line to apply for a visa. Please schedule your appointment as early as possible but within 60 days before departure to France.

You may not apply more than 90 days prior to your departure. Applications by mail are not accepted. All incomplete applications will be kept on file at the consulate until the missing documents are presented. Processing will begin only once the application is complete.

The consular administration has full authority to evaluate and request more documents than those submitted by the applicant. Submitting the following documents, while required, does not guarantee issuance of a visa.

International students (other than European Union nationals) residing in France for more than three months must obtain a “student” residence permit (which is distinct from a visa), within two months of their arrival in France.

Application Process

In order to apply, the appropriate study abroad adviser from Princeton must review your qualifications and nominate you for the program.
  • Make an appointment with a study abroad adviser to discuss your interest in CentraleSupélec.
  • Click "apply now" here on the GPS brochure to begin an application.
  • Complete the study abroad application items listed in GPS by the GPS deadline.
  • OIP will review applications, and will then nominate qualified students to the program.
After you have been nominated, CentraleSupélec will contact you via e-mail with application instructions. It is imperative that you follow their instructions carefully and submit all required items by their deadline.

Besides the online form, you must also provide the following to CentralSupélec:
  • Official Princeton transcript
  • Letter of recommendation from a professor
Note: You do not have to provide a copy of your high school diploma (record of highest degree obtained).

In addition to a program application, students must also complete the Princeton Course approval form. This form is reviewed by the Committee on Examinations and Standing, which grants final approval to participate in the program. Students who meet the university eligibility requirements to study abroad and who have the support of their department are normally approved by the Committee.

Eligibility: Applicants should have at least a B average for the fall and spring semesters preceding the semester abroad and approval from their department. Applicants must have completed MAE 305/EGR305/MAT 301 (Mathematics in Engineering I) or an equivalent equations course. Knowledge of French at the 107 level is required. Students should be prepared to take some of their courses in French.


Start planning your study abroad experience!

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Dates / Deadlines:
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Term Year App Deadline Decision Date Start Date End Date
Spring Semester 2019 10/26/2018 11/02/2018 TBA TBA
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