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IIP-University of Edinburgh, School of Chemistry
Edinburgh, Scotland (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Summer
This program is currently not accepting applications.
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Restrictions: Princeton applicants only
Fact Sheet:
Dept Offering Program: IIP, International Internship Program (IIP) Program Type: Internship
Language Prerequisite: No Program Features: Lab Based Work, Research
Degree Level: 2 First year Ugrad, 3 Sophomore, 4 Junior Time Away: Summer
Housing options: Student Responsibilty with support from IIP and/or Host Organization Program Group: International Internship Program
Program Description:
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About: The School of Chemistry (SoC) is part of EaStCHEM, the joint Chemistry Research School of the University of Edinburgh and St. Andrews University. EaStCHEM scored highest in the U.K. in the most recent Research Assessment Exercise (meaning that its research is ranked highest in the country). Within the SoC, there is research being carried out in a wide variety of areas and the primary research area is in measuring and understanding redox potential in cells. 

Intern Responsibilities: may include designing or synthesizing a new reporter that can be used to study redox processes in cells or using systems biology and computational approaches to interpret and model redox processes in cells. This is an extremely interdisciplinary area where a keen interest in biology/medicine is required as well as an understanding of chemistry. In previous years IIP interns have been responsible for designing and synthesizing new reporters that can be used to study redox processes in cells; using systems biology and computational approaches to interpret and model redox processes in cells; developing new MALDI imaging techniques to image distributions of metabolites in cells and tissues; or developing new catalytic strategies for cheap and environmentally friendly synthesis.

Qualifications: Candidates with interests in chemistry, biology, or electrochemistry are encouraged to apply and should be comfortable working in an organic chemistry lab. Experience working in an organic chemistry lab would be an asset.

Previous work experiences (in the words of previous IIP interns): Intern #1: Determined optimal reaction conditions for iron catalysis of nitroarenes. Intern #2: Prepared mouse brain and kidney samples for MALDI imaging, ran MALDI imaging on samples, analyzed data to see how oxidized and reduced lipids were distributed over tissue samples. Intern #3: Two primary responsibilities: created a mapping of redox-dependent pathways in a cancer cell (involved mostly literature research) and developed nanoshell-based intracellular pH sensors. Intern #4: I conducted tissue culture and growing tumor spheroids and learned how to section to run them on MALDI mass spec...Intern #5: I conducted experiments attempting to regrow nacre, an organic-inorganic composite material found in mollusk shells. This study was motivated by the fact nacre is 3000 times as strong as the material used to make it, namely calcium carbonate. I also studied the mechanism of crystal growth and nucleation on the organic layer of nacre with various imaging techniques...Firstly, I have learned a lot about biomineralization. I have also learned how to do design and organize experiments in a real life lab setting, and have become familiar with many lab techniques...I acquired a lot of data regarding my project, and I essentially started this specific project. Intern #6: I operated a Renishaw Raman spectrometer and used it to carry out two different projects. The first was a time interval comparison of Neutrophil uptake of gold nanoshells, and the other project was a phenotypic comparison of normal Neutrophils vs. apoptotic Neutrophils...From my projects, I learned about spectroscopy analysis and the Chemistry of Neutrophils.

View Powerpoint presentations of past IIP interns:
Tran, Ming-Ming - University of Edinburgh - Scotland.pptx
Ren, Anna, University of Edinburgh, Scotland.pptx
University of Edinburgh_Scotland_Yako_Aded.pdf
University of Edinburgh, Scotland, Donnenfield, Jonah.pdf

Dates / Deadlines:
This program is not currently accepting applications. Please consult the sponsoring department's website for application open dates.
This program is currently not accepting applications.