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IIP-Bayimba Cultural Foundation
Kampala, Uganda (Outgoing Program)
Program Terms: Summer
This program is currently not accepting applications.
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Restrictions: Princeton applicants only
Fact Sheet:
Dept Offering Program: IIP, International Internship Program (IIP) Program Type: Internship
Language Prerequisite: No Program Features: Community Service, Field Work, Music Performance
Degree Level: 2 First year Ugrad, 3 Sophomore, 4 Junior Time Away: Summer
Housing options: Student Responsibilty with support from IIP and/or Host Organization Program Group: International Internship Program
Program Description:
About: Bayimba Cultural Foundation recognizes the relevance of culture and arts in developing and shaping society. The organization is dedicated to making Uganda a significant hub for music and arts on the African continent. Over the past several years it has sought to organize a wide range of activities to develop the creative arts industry in Uganda. One placement has been established for IIP interns.

Intern responsibilities: This summer, the IIP interns will be responsible for the following project:
  • Pre-capital campaign study - IIP interns will assist Bayimba in carrying out a pre-capital campaign (feasibility) study for the establishment of a multi-functional arts center/space, examining the organization's readiness to ask and the preparedness and willingness to give. Specific responsibilities will include: determination of asset-building needs and campaign target/goals; the design of a timeline, including phases of the campaign and essential campaign activities; the creation of a case statement; identification of important leadership and volunteers as well as lead gift and major gift prospects; and preparation of a capital campaign budget and recommendations for campaign staffing. IIP interns will work closely with the Executive Director, the Head of Development, and the Director of Education. The interns will attend staff meetings and will be expected to keep a detailed record of their tasks and contribute to the further development of the organization as a whole.
Qualifications:  IIP candidates with a background in social sciences and an interest in creative industry and fundraising are encouraged to apply. Experience in strategic business planning and development would be an asset. A good candidate would have good cross-cultural communication skills and knowledge of relevant software applications. Interested IIP candidates should also have strong written and oral communication skills.

Previous work experiences (in the words of the past IIP interns): Intern #1: Researcher: developed framework for measuring the economic impact of music festivals in East Africa, which involved survey creation, interviews, and marketing; helped with logistics at music festivals (ticket sales, information); launched an artists' cooperative which gave Ugandan artists a vehicle for sharing performance opportunities, equipment, and skills/knowledge; transcribed speeches at associated events. Intern #2: I was the Marketing and Advertising Strategic Coordinator.  My responsibilities included brand promotion, media landscape analysis, analysis of current advertising tools, competitive analysis, etc. Intern #3: The Bayimba Cultural Foundation is in the process of creating its own creative arts academy that it hopes to launch in 2017, the year the new curriculum for O-level (secondary school) students begins, where creative arts is one of the required subjects. In preparation for this, my main project was to conduct an external analysis on all forms of arts education in Uganda, with a focus in Kampala. Essentially, I gathered information on the competition and found challenges they've run into and heard advice they offered. I compiled a list of 100+ groups from governmental departments, official universities, international high schools, organizations/NGOs, individuals providing lessons, and international embassies that may provide funding. From there, I interviewed as many of these groups as possible gathering information such as the type of content they provide, the class structure, the demographic of students, the costs & funding, the resources, and future plans. At the very end, I wrote a report with all my findings together... In terms of work, as internet isn’t used nearly as much here and as people aren’t as reliant on it, I’ve learned the power of talking to people directly – especially when trying to schedule meetings. Also, I’ve noticed the unhealthy relationship with stress people have in the United States. Back home, it almost feels as if you always need to be stressed, or at least show that you’re stressed, in order to feel like you’re doing something productive. The work environment is much more relaxed here, in terms of punctuality as well as atmosphere, yet you know everyone is very busy and is accomplishing something each day. It really puts what I’ve accepted as normal into perspective. Intern #4: I had two separate projects. One was working with consultants that they've hired to see which direction to take the production business in. I traveled with them to various production companies to interview them about best practices, and I also collaborated with them on a strategic recommendation for 2016-2018. My other project was making a quarterly report for the productions business (this is their profit making arm). I researched global and Ugandan economic climates to make suggestions about ways to move forward and correct issues from last quarter. I also looked at yields of the business' investments and strategies for those moving forward...I'm learned a lot about the complexities of running an organization of this size, especially with a limited staff. There's pretty much one person for every department who does everything in that department, so we were crazy busy when we were preparing for a regional festival. I also learned more about how what I learned in economics class actually applies to businesses and how the things I learned in the classroom translate into the real world, which is to say a lot differently. Developing economies are tricky to navigate when developing a business.

View Powerpoint presentations by past IIP interns:
Luo, Dee, Bayimba, Uganda.pptx
BAYIMBA Cultural Foundation, Uganda, Wilson, Valerie.pdf

Dates / Deadlines:
This program is not currently accepting applications. Please consult the sponsoring department's website for application open dates.
This program is currently not accepting applications.